Beware Nvidia – New AMD RDNA 3 GPU Leak Promises Big Things

AMD’s high-end graphics cards are rumored to be a little different than previously expected in terms of specs, going through a new leak – and while there’s a bit of disappointment with some claims made in this new spill, there’s really not nothing to worry about. In fact, it’s likely that Nvidia is worrying about some of the information released here…

Before we understand why this might be the case, let’s examine the leak itself, which comes from Angstronomics (via VideoCardz (opens in new tab)), a publication covering the semiconductor industry we’ve heard about. (Even though it’s not one of the more regular sources releasing information on Twitter, we find Angstronomics reliable enough – plus a major YouTube leaker more or less backs up these seriously in-depth details, and we’ll come back to this one.)

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