The best Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 deals in August 2022

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 offerings are still not that clear as the new smartwatch was recently announced by Samsung. While we’ve yet to see the wearable for less than the recommended price at any retailer, there are some special offers out there if you’re happy to take advantage of some extras.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 – and its bigger brother, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro – offer a similar experience for Android phone owners. Focused on providing the best experience for the health conscious, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 uses the manufacturer’s BioActive sensor. That means it offers heart rate tracking, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep tracking and even a body composition analysis tool. The latter is your best insight into your body’s health, tracking water retention and bone density, among other things. It’s the ideal setup for anyone who is passionate about staying healthy and active.

The standard Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 starts at $240 / £269 / AU$499 for the 40mm Bluetooth model or $270 / £289 / AU$549 for the 44mm Bluetooth model. There is also the LTE version which retails at $290/£319/AU$599 for the 40mm version or $320/£339/AU$649 for the 44mm edition.

On the surface, this is a pretty good value compared to other smartwatches like the Apple Watch 7, but that doesn’t mean we don’t expect to see some Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 deals eventually. These deals may be limited at the moment, but check back here regularly as the deals are likely to change soon with Black Friday 2022 on the horizon.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 deals

We haven’t seen many Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 deals yet because the watch has just been announced. That means it’s keeping its starting price and we can’t see that changing for a while. That said, depending on where you shop, you can get some extras right now, including free charging pads, gift cards, or store credit.

Whenever there’s a discount, you’ll see it below in our comparison chart, as well as knowing which retailers are worth checking out for stock.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro deals

Likewise, there are also small choices when it comes to Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro offerings. However, we expect to see some modest price drops once the smartwatch becomes more established. As it is the most expensive version, it may see more substantial price drops in the future.

For now, check out the chart below to see where you can buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro for the starting price. Also keep in mind that bonuses are available at select retailers during this pre-order phase, including free accessories at Amazon, gift cards at Best Buy, and store credit vouchers at Samsung.

Now is the ideal time to read up on the best smartwatch to see if the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is right for you. We’ve tested every major wearable out there, so there might be something better suited for you.

For those looking for a bargain, keep an eye out for the best Apple Watch deals for something Apple-flavored. After all, it’s your top choice if you own an iPhone. Alternatively, for a different brand or even the older Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, our review of the best smartwatch deals could save you a small fortune.

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