The best electric bikes 2022: top e-bikes for every budget

Take the sweat out of riding with the best electric bikes, which can get you to your next destination with assisted riding. These motor-powered bikes allow you to get where you want to go without puffing, panting and sweating. It reduces the fitness element without taking it away entirely, making ebikes an ideal investment for fitness beginners as well as those who want to push cycling a bit further. 

The most ideal e-bike for you, however, depends on what you’ll be using it for. Some powered electric bikes are engineered for performance, giving you an additional boost when traversing rough trails at 20 miles per hour, over rocky terrain, or climbing steep hills. For that, you’ll want an electric mountain bike or eMTB. Others are more commute-friendly, even if they’re not the most high-powered ones, and fold down for handy storage purposes.

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