The Sonos vs. Google is back, but only for some Pixel users

The legal battle between Sonos and Google escalated after a new decision by the US Customs Service.

As reported by Paul Thurott (opens in new tab)Google was found guilty by the Customs Service of breaking an import ban imposed by the International Trade Commission (ITC) after continuing to infringe five Sonos patents.

New Apple TV 4K (2022): Everything we know so far

Apple TV (2022) is the expected follow-up to the current Apple TV 4K – a new version of Apple’s streaming set-top box – not to be confused with Apple TV (the app on Apple devices and smart TVs) or Apple TV+ (the service streaming).

Apple TV New Features Rumored (2022)

– More powerful A14 chip with more memory
– New Siri remote seen in iOS 16
– Cheaper model may be coming

There is mounting evidence that a new Apple TV 4K is in the works, partly from analysts and leakers who have revealed possible information about it, but also over a missed mention of a new remote in iOS 16.

Google’s DIY Pixel Repair Is Here And It Looks Better Than Apple’s Version For iPhones

Not long ago, Apple started letting iPhone users fix certain glitches on their own, and now Google has started offering a similar service to Pixel owners.

In partnership with I fix it (opens in new tab)Google now offers parts and repair kits that address a plethora of mobile issues, spanning the original Pixel all the way up to the Pixel 6 line – although the exact selection of supported parts and phones seems to vary slightly from country to country.

Netflix cancels another animated series after one season

Netflix’s animated series list has gotten a little smaller once again with the cancellation of Q-Force.

Q-Force, or Queer Force to give its full title, followed a group of LGBTQ superspies – led by Steve Marywhether, better known as Agent Mary, a James Bond-style figure – as they try to prove themselves to their peers and government.

Report says only 27% of subscribers will use 5G by 2026 in India – But why?

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) will auction 5G spectrum on July 26 in India. Even as the government continues to work on the 5G spectrum auction process, India’s top service providers are testing 5G in multiple locations, focusing on use cases for urban and rural consumers. And from a general user point of view, there is great anticipation for the launch of 5G services, which will take place around September.

Despite unfounded concerns about radiation levels or higher prices, the next generation of mobile broadband will boost the country’s mobile data usage by 29% and data revenue by 67% between 2020 and 2026, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

The MacBook Air (M2, 2022) could be available for pre-order in a week – but how long will stock last?

Apple’s redesigned MacBook Air with the M2 chip, which was recently unveiled at WWDC 2022 and has been awaited ever since, will reportedly go on sale on July 15th.

That’s the word of MacRumors (opens in new tab)who cited a retail source for this new information about the MacBook Air (M2, 2022) release schedule.

This Tesla-inspired Electric Scooter Looks Awesome, But There’s a Problem

New electric scooter company bo Mobility has unveiled its Tesla and VanMoof-inspired flagship electric scooter, designed by former Formula 1 engineers. its rigid curved frame and steering technology that can make it one of the best electric scooters ever.

Oscar Morgan, CEO and co-founder of bo Mobility, said in a talk at the Micromobility Industries electric scooter forum: “Tesla and VanMoof made [electric cars and electric bikes] highly desirable, making them safer, more functional and, most importantly, making these products socially acceptable”. His plan is to be to electric scooters what Tesla is to electric cars: a premium, elegant brand that everyone wants.

Apple Spatial Audio’s music turns 1 year old: How did I live without Dolby Atmos with head tracking?

The phonograph was invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison, the first commercial compact disc was released in 1982 (Billy Joel’s 52nd Street, Interestingly), Spotify was founded in 2006 and Apple Music launched its proprietary Spatial Audio music streaming outlet with Dolby Atmos in June 2021.

These are key consumer audio moments now recorded in time or, to blatantly quote one of my favorite tracks from Coheed and Cambria, cuts marked in the march of man.

Much-needed video update comes to Quest 2, but only for game developers

Meta has finally unlocked a number of new native video recording settings for the Quest 2 VR headset, including 4K resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio. The only problem is that the options are only available to developers.

The new developer hub update – which is only downloadable by those with an Oculus Developer account – has enabled several recording options. There is still the default 1:1 setting, 1024p @ 36fps, but now developers can choose between 1080p, 1440p or 2160p resolutions, each of which can be recorded at 36fps or 60fps.

Starfield’s space combat is taking cues from a beloved indie game

Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi RPG Starfield is taking inspiration from the beloved FTL standalone spaceship simulator, and its in-game footage has given us a solid understanding of how exactly that happens.

Inspired by the indie game, Starfield’s space combat will involve redirecting energy to the various subsystems of your ship in mid-flight. Game director Todd Howard said IGN (opens in new tab) in early June you will be switching power between various modules on your ship to keep your weapons and systems running.